An indie/art-rock group made up myself, Rob McCall, and Corey Jordan. We write the songs. Nash Robb lays down the bass, Ryan Joeckel performs on the drums, and our friends Zack Fitzgerald and Rob Zaccaria sprinkle their talent into the sound. The guy who runs our lab and engineers our sound is Mark Bengtson. Mark introduced us to Allen Tate of San Fermin, and Allen came on board to produce this 2 EP project ‘Colorful Lungs,’ the first singles of which will be arriving soon. In Brooklyn, Allen gave these songs form so we could give them color.


Thom Yorke once said, “One of the things I find most offensive about what people say about our [Radiohead’s] music is when they say ‘it’s depressing.’” We feel the same. Depression has power when harnessed properly, and has fueled some of the greatest achievements of human history. We all suffer, and to turn away in ignorance is unforgivable in our opinion. 


Our music embraces the eternal struggle we all have within - whether it’s mental illness, addiction, regret, loneliness, etc. Don’t think we’re calling ourselves ‘poets and heroes,’ we want our music to serve as a reminder that WE ARE ALL poets and heroes - doctors, police, sanitary workers, cooks, single mothers, the incarcerated - all of us can be the poets and heroes of our collective existence. Through our music, we attempt to express this sentiment. Some of you may hate it, some may love it, but at the end of the day we are who we are. Give it a listen if you’d like … or go listen to whoever brings you peace.

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The band has in the past been compared to Radiohead for their "depressing" melodies. I agree to say that they are in the same register as Radiohead, from the point of view of the concept: it is a band that succeeded in creating its own musical universe and its own sound identity. 

- Niko

Indie Music Center


All Poets & Heroes breathe new life into ambient rock with a folk twist [on “Wine Song”]...Lest anyone try to confine All Poets & Heroes to the singer-songwriter genre, they throw in a discordant Radiohead vibe for a song that defies oversimplification.

- Michelle Bruton

The Alternative


All Poets & Heroes songs have been compared favorably to the raw emotional honesty of people like the late Jeff Buckley and sonically like the aforementioned Radiohead but to compare AP&H to anyone is to do them a disservice. The truth is All Poets & Heroes have their own unique sound that is cinematic in its landscape and lyrically highly literate.

- John Tierney, Long Winded

Short Attention Span

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